A joint venture between top-ranked technology analysts Patrick Moorhead of Moor Insights & Strategy and Daniel Newman of The Futurum GroupThe Six Five Media provides high-tech video coverage and analysis virtually and in person that is highest-quality for viewers and simplest to execute for brands.

Market Need

The current market does not have enough high-quality, insightful, and credible tech video analyses that are simple to execute for brands. The current alternatives are old-style news desk-style reporting, “influencers,” and earned media, which is suboptimal for both viewers and brands.

We believe there is a need for genuine tech-centric conversations and analysis by globally ranked technology analysts with real experience that are easy to execute by brand and events teams.

How Is The Six Five Unique?

  • Hosted by two of the top-ranked tech industry analysts in the world

  • Best place for your executives, partners, and customers to look their best

  • First-party content you will want to leverage on your own properties, augmenting earned media

  • Broad offerings selection covers various locations, speaker seniority, media length, and budget

  • Content is heavily promoted on multiple social media and content platforms

  • Simplest to execute for brands and events teams; small, on-site capture teams leveraging the latest in media technology

EIGHT Unique Offerings

A new live program offering- Six Five Live!  The offering will bring on the ground and remote Live broadcasting from technology industry events and vendor events by offering in-depth technology analysis from the most reputed and thoughtful analysts, advisors, and hosts.  The programming format will vary and will include a state of the art, 'lightweight' on-site set, a mobile 'roving reporter' setup, as well as offsite location for deep dive 1:1 interviews. This new live format will deliver critical insights and meaningful conversations in real-time from global client events.

Co-Hosts will include Patrick Moorhead and Daniel Newman and the welcoming of our expanded talented roster of hosts, moderators, and analysts not limited to the below.

@DianaBlass: Head of Content Studio, Veteran Tech Journalist and Storyteller

Diana Blass is a seasoned on-camera journalist specialized in technology storytelling, and a sought-after media personality covering trends and tech leadership. She excels in producing engaging long-form content and high-profile interviews. Diana will serve as head of The Six Five Content Studio, as partner.

@LisaMartinTV: Founder of LuccaZara and Technology TV Host

Lisa Martin is the founder of LuccaZara, recently acquired by The Futurum Group, and is a 'regular' in every tech event. Lisa is a veteran tech thought leader and strategy advisor who specializes in unearthing the most extraordinary aspects of technology, no matter how complex.

@CoryTV: Former Bloomberg TV Host and Futurum Chief Markets Strategist

Cory Johnson, the Futurum Group's Chief Markets Strategist, is also known as host of The Drill Down Podcast and for his track record at Bloomberg Technology.

@CTOAdvisor: Keith Townsend, President

Keith Townsend is the founder and host of The CTO Advisor, and engages audiences with thought-provoking conversations connecting to hands on technologist and IT leaders. His podcast series includes interviews with some of the most interesting people in enterprise technology.

@WhartonSuccessCoach: David Nicholson, Futurum Chief Research Officer

Dave Nicholson: The Futurum Group's Chief Research Officer is a reputable thought leader across the technology community. Dave has previously contributed to tech media outlets and is an expert in technology strategy and product messaging.

For additional information please send inquiries to info@sixfivemedia.com

Real-time, quick analysis in the event booth at your event or industry event. Content on product and service announcements and important news with or without brand participation for rapid publication during your event. 10-15 minutes, light editing, and published within 8-12 hours. We offer remote and in-person recordings.

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Examples of The Six Five In The Booth

Executive interviews at your event or industry event. 20-minute, professionally edited, and published within 24-48 hours of filming. We offer remote and in-person recordings.

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Examples of The Six Five On The Road

In-depth, most senior executive interviews covering thought leadership and strategy. 30-minute, professionally edited, and published within 24-48 hours of filming. We offer remote and in-person recordings.

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Examples of The Six Five Insider

Weekly deep analysis of the biggest news, releases, events, and rumors in tech, hosted by Patrick and Daniel. This is currently unsponsored.

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Examples of The Six Five Podcast

A new offering, this is a 100% virtual, LIVE, quarterly micro-summit designed to provide insights and updates on the hottest tech topics. Each micro-summit will have a different focus across the many industries in tech. Viewers will watch 5-8 different companies within the industry topic. This is a bridge between our weekly podcast and our annual Summit. We offer Opening and Spotlight options.

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Going into its fourth year, The Six Five Summit is a 100% virtual, on-demand technology summit with 75 executive speakers and 25 CEOs across 12 tracks and multiple days. It is designed to share new and relevant strategies, innovation, and thought leadership from senior executives at the world’s leading technology companies. We offer Show Openers, Day Openers, Track Openers, and Spotlight Keynotes.

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The Six Five has worked with technology industry-leading companies. Our partners include:

Amazon, Amazon Web Services (AWS), AMD, Arm, AT&T, Automation Anywhere, Boston Dynamics, Broadcom, Capgemini, Cisco, Cloudera, D-Wave Systems, Dell Technologies, Dish Networks, Dreamium Labs, Ericsson, Five9, GlobalFoundries, Google, Groq, Honeywell, HP Inc, HPE, IBM, Intel, Island Conservation, Juniper, Lattice Semiconductor, Lenovo, Luminar Technologies, Marvell, Micron, Microsoft, Mitel, Movandi, Neat, Nokia, NVIDIA, Oracle, Plus, Poly, Pure Storage, Qualcomm, Quantinuum, Red Hat (Ansible), Renesas, Salesforce, Samsung Mobile, Samsung Semiconductor, SAP, Siemens, SiFive, Silicon Labs, Splunk, T-Mobile, Telesign, Teradata, Treasure Data, UI Path, VAST Data, Ventana Micro Systems, VMware, Webex by Cisco, Zendesk, Zoho, and Zoom



Mobile World Congress Barcelona (MWC), OFC, SXSW, NVIDIA GTC, RSA Conference, IBM Think, Qualcomm 5G Summit, Embedded World, Dell Technologies World, Intel Vision, Red Hat Summit, Computex, Cisco Live!, Pure Accelerate, MongoDB World, HPE Discover, AWS re:MARS, Black Hat, Microsoft Ignite, Lenovo Tech World, Intel Innovation, Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, and AWS re:Invent.


We have covered industry events as well as company-specific events including the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 (CES), Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2022 (MWC), HPE Greenlake announcement, IBM Think, IBM Quantum & Semi Road Show, Amazon re:MARS, Zoho Days, Google Cloud Next, Oracle CloudWorld, Qualcomm Snapdragon Summit, Austin Grand Prix, SC22, AWS re:Invent, Lattice Avant Launch, and Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES).